From Chapter 24 of Magickal Thinking,
the audio book

Beth is with Carlton Staples, a black, disabled
Vietnam veteran who is a retired addiction counselor turned
Psychic researcher, and his girlfriend Jane, an unlicensed hypnotist.
They're attending an anti-racist rally in downtown Cleveland that
was called in response to the grisly garrote slayings of three
members of minority communities in apparent hate crimes. Armed with
Mad Panther literature, Beth and her friends hope to make the point
that P$ychiatry is the most racist force operating in Amerika in the
21st Century.

Beth's Mad Panther comrades Fred and Tanya are there as well, to
recruit activists for upcoming demonstrations against construction
of the Defense Department's Edward Teller nuclear weapons lab.

Beth, Jane and Carlton plan to walk down to Lake Erie later, to
discuss hypnotizing her to help her make sense out of her alarming
premonitions of the recent murders.


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