My Sculpture of Joan Jett

I began this sculpture in August, 2007, before I knew Joan was making a film about The Runaways. I worked from grainy b&w photos of her with the
aforementioned band, taken when she was 18 or 19 years old. It's made of soft, oil-based clay on an armature of steel pipes fleshed out with styrofoam

Since its oil-based clay, it will never harden and would only be finished piece if it were cast in bronze. I asked Cleveland's Studio Foundry for an
estimate, and it was over $20,000(!) I wrote to Joan at BlackHeart Records, proposing that she or her company pay to have her immortalized in bronze, and
gave her my price, including the foundry's estimate plus shiping and compensation for my own work and I was not surprised when she didn't get back to me :(

I'm not sure whether I even captured her essence anyway, but it was good practice.

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