Houseplant Aerobics?!?!

My boss at the CIA (that's the Cleveland Institute of Art, where I used to work
as a nude model) sent this Spathiphyllum floribundum to my room when I was
in the hospital with internal bleeding in 2003.

Somewhere, I got the incorrect notion that to care for them, you're supposed to let the
leaves get all droopy before you water them, at which point they spring back to life.
Well, I thought that would make a cool animation, so I set up my digital camera and took
nine or ten shots of it as the leaves stiffened up, then wove them together into a .gif
animation and named it "Houseplant Aerobics."

Thanks Carrie, for the plant, to Laureen Deveney for bringing it home for me, and especially
to Chester at the UBC Botanical Garden forum for helping me save it when it was gravely ill!!
I don't let it wilt anymore before watering it.)

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