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Of the e-book:

"Enjoyed all the way through. Very compelling main
character. I had to find out how it would end.
Lots of interesting secondary characters as well.
Would be interesting to see some sequels built
around the ongoing life of Beth McDonald."

**** out of five !
Donna Cassity (Originally on Amazon)

"Think a murder mystery can’t also be a lesbian romance,
steeped in the anti-psychiatry movement, with a main
character who is not only completely blind, but psychic as
well? Think again. Beth McDonald is a gutsy, brave, physically
fit dynamo, determined to solve the riddle of her strange
“premonitions” and frightening ability to kill people with
her thoughts. At first, she believes this is all her
imagination, but then, the awful truth reveals itself to her:
she indeed has these powers. How can she harness them? How
can she control them?
Set in Cleveland, John Arndt’s novel follows Beth’s struggle
with these issues, while she also is engaged in a growing
romance with Tina, reporter for a local paper, and the Mad
Panthers, a rapidly expanding anti-psychiatry organization
that over the course of the novel, comes to receive national
attention. In the background is the threat of imminent global
war, as well as the building of the Teller nuclear lab in
Cleveland, both of which Beth and her friends vehemently
Meanwhile, a killer, one of most brutal and clever that the
nation has seen in decades, is on the loose in Cleveland.
How do the killer and Beth connect? This, dear Readers, you
will have to find out for yourselves. John Arndt’s Magickal
Thinking is a more captivating, more masterful read than any
you’ll find on the supermarket shelves. It is surely a
one-of-a-kind genre! For certain, you’ll be hooked from the
beginning of this novel until the end, and amazed at its
gripping conclusion.
(And to those of you who are mental health professionals:
you might be a little put off by Beth McDonald’s ideology.
On the other hand, the book is so engaging that maybe you,
too, will be hooked….)"
***** out of five!
Julie Greene (originally on

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